Open Ballot: The final frontier


Linux has long been one of the key operating systems in space. It powers all manner of satellites and such like, but now it's taking over space desktops as well. NASA has announced that it's migrating the International Space Station (ISS) laptops from Windows to Debian 6 (

Podcast Season 5 Episode 7


Title: Kernel Saunders

In this episode: Firefox OS phones go on sale and promptly sell out. Ubuntu 13.04 has been released. There's a new alternative to Dropbox from BitTorrent, although its licencing isn't yet clear and the BeagleBone Black is slightly cheaper than a Raspberry Pi. Hear our particularly good discoveries, our report on last episode's KDE challenge and your own opinions in the Open Ballot.

Privacy Enhanced Ubuntu remix

Today, Canonical have released Raring Ringtail, the latest version of their Ubuntu Linux distribution. Here at Tuxradar, we like Ubuntu, but we don't like the way they send all your desktop searches to Amazon. We want to be able to use our computers without Jeff Bezos seeing all our data. So, we've created Privacy Enhanced Ubuntu. It's exactly the same as Raring Ringtail, but doesn't return Amazon results for searches in the default lens. There's still an Amazon shopping lens there if you want to use it (click on the shopping bag icon in the dash).

Download the torrent here

TuxRadar Distro Picker


Announcing the TuxRadar Distro Picker!
To celebrate the cover feature on the latest Linux Format, we've built a web app that helps you find out which Linux distro is right for you. Just enter details of what you're looking for, and it will pick your perfect distro match.

Get started here

Linux Format 171 On Sale Today - 50 Distros Tested!


A Double DVD Spectacular! Choice is natural. Choice ensures competition. Choice is good. But sometimes there's too much choice, and we need a helping hand through the forest of indecision. Take the act of choosing a Linux distribution, for example: of the hundreds that are out there, all with their slightly different goals and values, how do you know which one is going to be right for you? You could try every single one of the top 50 ranked Linux flavours on Distrowatch, or you could let us do it for you – brilliant!

Open Ballot: Would you pay for Linux?


Depending on how you pay for it, you'll probably have to part with at least fifty quid for Windows 8, and double (or more) for OS X, and they come with almost no software compared to the average Linux distribution. Yet almost all Linux distributions are free as in zero-cost.

This fortnight we've got a simple question for you: would you (or indeed, do you) pay for Linux?

Podcast Season 5 Episode 6


Title: The Sultans Played Creole

In this episode: We've got oodles of Google news, Nvidia's new Optimus driver, Dell selling Ubuntu games PCs and our own discoveries. Plus a new podcast challenge and the Open Ballot.

Open Ballot: Do Microsoft understand irony?

Open Source

Microsoft (along with Nokia, Oracle and a host of other outdated tech companies) have lodged a complaint with the European Commission saying that Google is unfairly abusing its dominant market position:

Digital back issues of Linux Format half price until Tuesday!


Need some reading material this weekend? Our digital back issues are currently half price! This goes for both our Google Play store and the magazines on Apple’s Newsstand. Google Play is UK, US, Canada and Australia only, whilst the Apple Newsstand offer is global and the offer expires Tuesday morning.

Linux Format 170 On Sale Today - Hack the Web!


The internet is full of unpleasant people who would love nothing more than to steal your passwords, crack into your WordPress site and generally make a nuisance of themselves at your expense. So we learned their black arts so that you can protect yourself against them, and in the process we discovered that protection rackets have moved online through the power of DDOS attacks.

Podcast Season 5 Episode 5


Title: SS Nostromo

In this episode: Samsung laptops have been fixed. OpenShot launches a Kickstarter campaign. Canonical courts Chinese officials and Ubuntu gets closer to a rolling release. Hear our suprisingly good discoveries, our woeful excuse for the lack of a live episode and your own questions in the Open Ballot.

Open Ballot: Your questions for Eben Upton/Raspberry Pi


As usual, we’re rushed off our feet and we don’t think we’ll have enough time to arrange a live podcast this week. We’ll try our best to make it happen next time.

We’re hoping to meet up with Eben Upton and the Raspberry Pi team next week. So, for this episode’s Open Ballot question, we’d like to ask you what you’d like us to ask them. Do you want to know if they’re thinking of upgrading the hardware, for example, or when Eben’s darkest hour might have been whilst designing the Pi, or his thoughts on IT education in the UK? Let us know your questions and we’ll do our best to get some answers. We’ll also discuss our own thoughts in the podcast. Oh, and thanks for your continued patience with our terrible captcha!

Podcast Season 5 Episode 4


Title: Muphry's Law

In this episode: OpenSUSE 12.3 is out, Red Hat takes ownership of Java 6, SecureBoot is coming to FreeBSD and Ubuntu ditches Wayland for Mir. We report back on our challenge from a couple of episodes ago, come up with a new challenge, and discuss IT education in our Open Ballot.

Open Ballot: What does education need?

Rapper William James Adams* has spoken out about IT education in the UK here: Infact, not only has he spoken about it, he's put his money where his mouth is and ponied up half a million quid to buy computers for disadvantaged youngsters.

Bargain of the week (UK Only)

For one week only, Linux Format is available on Google Play in the UK for just 99p! ( It's a great chance to check out the magazines's digital offering if you haven't already. The offer ends 13-March-2013.

Linux Format 169 On Sale Today - What is Linux?


What is Linux? We asked the question, and sent our reporter down into the depths of the OS to find out the answer.

But we didn’t stop there. We got a full Ubuntu system running on a Nexus 7, played games on Steam and chatted with Jacon Kaplan-Moss. As usual, we’ve got some great ways to spruce up your Linux system with tutorials ranging from building a smart TV with a Raspberry Pi to command-line music management.

Podcast Season 5 Episode 3


Title: Burgess Meredith

In this episode: Canonical launches Ubuntu Touch for tablets. Steam has been officially released for Linux. LG has bought WebOS for its televisions. Tizen SDK 2.0 has been released and Mozilla says there's plenty of interest in its Firefox OS. Hear our discoveries and the interim results of our challenge, plus your own opinions in our internet famous Open Ballot.

Open Ballot: Are you excited by the Ubuntu tablet?


As reported by Andrew on our own Twitter account yesterday, Canonical has announced that it is bringing its famous touch interface to tablets. Nexus-bound developer previews of silky smooth transitions will be available tomorrow - at the same time as its smartphone previews, and early videos and renders look pretty convincing. We want to know whether you think Canonical is living the dream, bringing to fruition devices that the Linux community has long lusted over - or do you think it’s all too little too late in the face of Android dominance? Let us know your thoughts and we’ll mingle them with our own when we record the podcast, either on Friday or Monday morning.

Steam launched - Get Linux Format reviews for free!


The official Linux Steam client has been released, and the company behind Steam is celebrating by offering some serious discounts on Linux titles. We thought we'd help you choose the best by plundering our own archives for reviews of games now available on Steam, and making them available to you for free!

So, without wasting any more time, here they are:

Podcast Season 5 Episode 2


Title: Boybands

In this episode: KDE 4.10 has been released and includes lots of Qt Quick enhancements. Ubuntu Phones are going to be available in October. Samsung laptops are breaking after a Linux installation and the 'Model A' Raspberry Pi is available now. Hear our discoveries, your own opinions in our Open Ballot and our brand new old section, Challenge Us!

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