Which routers are Linux-compatible?

Q I've been running Mandrake Linux 8.2 with Windows 98 SE on my PC. After five months of running both, I've decided to get rid of Windows and the partitions, and use Linux full-time. I have just bought your Complete Linux Handbook 2, and intend to install Mandrake 9.2 from the DVD. I've ordered 2MB broadband (without tech support) from Madasafish, who cater for Linux, and I want to use a wireless connection to my PC as it will not be staying where it is. Can you advise me on a wireless modem/router? Would I be better off with two separate units, and will I need some sort of a card in my PC? I'm not having any luck finding something suitable on my own (not knowing what I'm looking at doesn't help). The products need to be reasonably simple for someone as ignorant as me to set up. Any help you can give me would be gratefully appreciated.

A We would recommend you start out by installing a recent distribution of Linux, such as Mandrake 10.1 or Fedora, rather than trying to fight with something a year or two old. You can find a list of wireless devices that work with Linux from www.prism54.org, and you should probably pick a DSL router from the vendor that you're purchasing your wireless adaptor from. As you have LUG nearby [Malvern], you may wan to join their mailing lists and find out what success others have had with specific devices. You can either purchase a wireless bridge, which provides wired Ethernet access to your device, or a PCI card which has a wireless adaptor built in. Many manufacturers (including D-Link and Netgear) make DSL and wireless devices, so you have quite a selection to pick from. There are also a number of low-cost vendors - we recommend that you avoid these, otherwise trying to find support from a LUG or on the internet is going to be quite a trial.

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