Modem configuration across Linux and Windows

Q I have just installed SUSE 9.2 as a dual boot alongside Windows XP Home, which I still use. I am completely new to Linux, and the installation couldn't have been easier. There are, however, some questions I can't easily find answers for on the net. YaST has recognised most of my hardware, graphics, sound etc, including the fact that I have a USB ADSL modem. But it doesn't recognise the modem itself just the fact that I have one. When I click on the modem entry in the hardware list, the Configure button stays greyed out. The modem is a Sagem Fast 800/840, which I have connected via USB rather than Ethernet card. There are instructions for Linux on the modem's install disc, but I'm afraid it's all a bit over my head.

Is there an easy way to install this modem on SUSE? Are there simple instructions in newbie terms? More importantly, if I configure the modem for SUSE, will it still work when I switch to Windows to go online from there? Can it be used on both OSs without problems? My ISP is Tiscali, and I connect on a 512k broadband connection. Are there any problems from Tiscali's side if I connect with both Linux and Windows? Also, where do I find the options for setting up an internet connection in SUSE? (ie is it as simple as it is in Windows?) And is email set-up similarly pain-free? With anticipation of some help for a helpless Linux new boy, thanks very much.

A We were able to find some documentation on the configuration of this modem with Linux, although it is fairly complex - and in French. You can find it at You'll be able to use the DSL modem from both Windows and SUSE as you dual-boot, although your ISP probably won't support the connection for Linux -if it doesn't work, don't expect them to help you. Configuration for internet connectivity via supported devices in SUSE is performed through YaST, so if you have any internal Ethernet connections, or a dial-up modem, you can set them up this way. You have quite a choice of mail clients - we would recommend Thunderbird from, which is a great client with an easy to use interface.

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