Making Conexant modems work on Linux

Q I have just bought Linux SUSE 9.2 Professional. The problem I am having is with my internal modem. Written on the modem is CONEXANT CX06834-11. This modem runs well with Windows XP but will not run with SUSE 9.2. Can you tell me what modem (internal) will run with Linux, and where it is available? I have tried and but had no luck.

A Conexant do not write a Linux driver for any of their modems. However, Linuxant offer Linux support for your modem, though they do charge a fee for this driver. They previously made a free beta driver, which they have since taken down, but you may still find it somewhere. The paid-for version costs $15 and entitles you to a year of upgrades on this driver. SUSE 9.2 is fully supported. You can download a free version which limits you to 14.4 from so that you can verify this before buying.

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