Solving file permissions problems with Gallery

Q Before we begin let me tell you I'm not some super computer-user and all I know about Linux is that my website runs on it. I have Gallery installed on my website so that my family and friends can check out my holiday photos. I run the site on web space I was given on the server at work, but they have recently upgraded their system and apparently Gallery has been upgraded from version 1.3 to 1.4. When I try to move my albums back into Gallery it tells me that I need to upgrade all my albums. This is fine by me, but when I click Upgrade it tells me that it cannot access the album.dat file - Permission Denied. The guy who runs the server said he set all the ownerships to my user account to try to overcome this. He can't really help me much more as he is already doing me a favour by doing all this during working hours. What could I recommend to him to try to resolve this quickly?

A Gallery is extremely fussy about the permissions and ownership of its files. I think it's more than likely that the data he copied off the old server has some inconsistencies with the data on the newer system. Ask him to make sure that all the file ownerships are the same as before, rather than setting them all to your user account, as there are some files that need to be readable and writable by, for example, the Apache user. The best thing to do would be to take the exact error that you're getting to the Gallery website ( and see if they have it listed in their extensive documentation section. If your error is not listed anywhere it might be worth posting a comment in the forums.

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