Using fdisk to verify a partition

Q Last night I installed Mandrake on my daughter's PC to run an MP3 player not supported by Win98. Initially I tried Partition Magic to create the partition on the C drive. Needless to say it crashed, as did Windows, and a reset was needed, so I used the Mandrake partitioner. So far, so good. The problem we have is the D drive, which I made no attempt to touch. Windows can't read it, though Mandrake could last night. I decided to copy the contents of the D drive on to C so that the D drive can be formatted. However, this morning Mandrake can't see the files. There's about 4GB of data still there comprising program files for installation and MP3 files (life-threatening). I strongly suspect you will say there's nothing can be done other than to bite the bullet, but anything more positive from you will be much appreciated.

A You can use fdisk to verify which partitions exist on which disks, by running fdisk -l /dev/hda, and so forth. You didn't indicate if drive D is on a second physical disk, or a partition on the first disk. It may be that the partition structure became corrupted during the resizing process. You will have to manually mount the disk in Mandrake by running:

$ mount /dev/hda2 /mnt/dos

replacing /dev/hda2 with the partition containing the files.

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