Chain loading grub with two hard disks

Q I have two hard drives in my PC, labelled as hda and hdb. Hda contains MDK 10.1 and Win2K. I put in hdb yesterday and installed Ubuntu on it, hoping that the boot loader (Grub) would detect the operating systems on hda. It did so - however, when I came to try to boot any of the options it couldn't find the image -or something like that. I installed Mepis over Ubuntu and got the same problem. Do I need to change the boot loader of hda instead of hdb?

A If you installed Ubuntu on to hdb, you will need to tell your BIOS to boot off the second disk, or install chain loader in Grub on the first disk to jump to Grub on the second. If you want to temporarily boot off the hdb Ubuntu drive without making the changes permanent, most BIOSes have a 'select boot device' option available by pressing F11 or F12.

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