Ubuntu 8.04 upgrade problems - Gnome and Audacity

Q After upgrading Ubuntu to 8.04 with kernel linux-2.6.24-23-generic and Gnome 2.22.3, I have experienced a few small problems on my Dell Inspiron 6400 laptop. The Gnome file browser gets stuck when I try to display my home directory. It works fine on all other directories on the filesystem. Audacity doesn't let me play recordings. I have tried every possible configuration of output device. When performing the upgrade to 8.04 I got a warning about the package manager being corrupt - something to do with not being able to configure hplip.

A How long have you left the file browser to display the home directory? If you have file previews enabled it may be taking its time generating previews for one or more files, especially if any of them are on a network share and not the local machine. To test this, either turn off previews completely in the File Browser preferences by setting each file type to Never, or at least make sure they are set to Local Files Only with a small maximum size. If this makes a difference, create a temporary directory and move files and directories from your home directory into it until the delays stop. Then you'll know which file or files are causing the problem and be able to take appropriate action.

Can you play audio files from other programs, or save an audio file from Audacity and then play it from another program? You need to try this to determine whether the problem lies with Audacity or your audio playback in general. Whatever program fails to play the audio, try running it from a terminal. That won't make it play the file, but you will be able to read any error messages from it. The error from the package manager probably came from a corrupt package, or one with an invalid signature. Refreshing the package list in Synaptic and installing any updated packages should clear this.

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