The fat lady crashes

Q I tried Opera 9.26,9.27 and 9.52 from my Mandriva 2008.1pwp. I then installed some of the widgets that interested me. On trying to use it my PC [Dell Optiplex GX110] kept locking up. I rapidly removed it. Any suggestions?

A Did Opera work correctly before you installed the widgets? If so, try a clean installation of Opera, then install the widgets one at a time, running them for a while between each installation. When you find the one that causes the problem, file a bug report on the developer's web site so they can fix it. You may find it more useful if you launch Opera from a terminal, just type


to launch it. This won't prevent any of the problems, but it will give more information about what went wrong. Even if the output means nothing to you, it could be helpful to the developers in tracking down the source of the failure. If the problem is with Opera itself, try to open it again from a terminal to see any error messages that might come up. In many cases, pasting the error message into your favourite search engine will bring up reports of others sharing the same problem, and often a solution.

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