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Q I have installed Knoppix on my hard drive and wish to configure dialup with Wvdial on my external modem. To do this I need root permissions but have no password. I have tried to gain permission with a Live CD without success. So how do I gain root/administration permission on Knoppix? Using 'Root shell' or 'root password' in the menu brings the message 'su error'

A Knoppix uses kdesu to ask for the root password when trying to run programs as root from its menus, but kdesu won't work if there is no root password, which is how Knoppix is set up. Running a system without a root password is a bad idea, and not only because it stops kdesu working, so open a terminal as your normal user and type

su -

The first command will take you straight into a root session, because there is no root password - this is one of the reasons such a setup is bad. The passwd command will set the root password - type in your new password twice and all will be well. You'll now have a more secure box and the programs that KDE needs to run as root will work.

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