Letting users edit pages on a CMS

Q I run a backpackers website and I would like my users to be able to post their own news and photo albums for their family or friends without the need for webmaster interventions and without interfering with each other. What I have in mind is providing a zone/webpage system. I use PostNuke but I would like my (limited) number of users to have the possibility of creating their own homepage, visible to others or for their private use. Unfortunately, I have no idea what such a system is called... not a CMS (content management system) I suppose?

A The system you're looking for is known as a Wiki and allows users to log in and dynamically change pages available to them with ease. There is a Wiki in almost every language imaginable, and even a few no one has heard of, so there is quite a choice. Taking a look at sourceforge.net and freshmeat.net will give you a list of popular Wiki installations, as well as comments from users as to which work best for them. Each Wiki will have a variety of capabilities, including authentication, privileges and so forth, and installing a few and trying them all out is usually the best way to make sure everything works and that they do all you need them to.

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