Mozilla is slow to resolve domains

Q Now that my broadband connection is working under Linux (SUSE 9.0 and a Netgear DG834 modem/router), I have noticed that when loading web pages (using Mozilla 1.7) a message usually appears at the bottom of the Mozilla screen saying 'Resolving Host XXXXXXXX' where XXXXXX is the web address being loaded. This causes a 5 to 10 second delay in the page appearing. Using Mozilla or IE6 under XP this does not occur, and pages load almost instantly. Do you know the reason for this, and can I speed up the display of web pages in any way?

A Mozilla will use IPv6 for DNS lookups, which you probably won't need, and will slow down web access while it times out trying to access hosts. Disable this in /etc/modules.conf by modifying the 'net-pf-13' line, which loads the ipv6 support module, and replacing 'ipv6' with 'off'. This stops IPv6 support loading and will allow Mozilla to purely use IPv4 to access the DNS services for faster lookups.

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