Emailing forms from a Linux webserver

Q First off, let me give you a clear warning. I'm a new convert from the Microsoft camp, so you'll have to go easy on me. Well, new convert isn't entirely accurate: I still use mainly Windows 2000 servers but I'm trying to get as much moved to Linux as possible. It's not been an easy ride but it has been deeply rewarding, both in terms of bettering myself and financially. On my Windows servers with IIS I can get my forms to send me emails right out of the box. My pages are very simple HTML but it's just the form that's getting me. I don't mind using something other than FrontPage if I need to. Is there a Linux equivalent to FrontPage forms?

A Welcome to Linux. I'm sure you'll find that as your confidence and ability grows you will gain even more from the world of Open Source! Most Linux administrators and developers will tell you to stay away from FrontPage's extensions as they're so proprietary. They won't work on anything but IIS unless you find some unofficial way of supporting them. There is a FrontPage Extensions available for Linux but it's not made by or supported by Microsoft, and even then it doesn't work on every platform and every version of Apache. You'll be much better off with native code anyway.

There are two very popular options when it comes to passing data from form to email under Linux with Apache. One is ( and the other is formmail.php ( is probably the more widely used and requires Perl. Though its reputation has been slightly tarnished by security issues it's still a good option - just make sure you get the newest version. The newer formmail.php does not need to run as a CGI script as it's PHP and will work just fine from your html document root. Both come with examples so integration should be pretty easy.

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