How to switch from Gnome to KDE in Ubuntu

Q I am a first-time Linux user, having used MacOS and Windows for some time. I have replaced Windows XP with a special version of Ubuntu that includes both Gnome and KDE, but I don't know how to change from Gnome to KDE. How do I do this?

A The disc included, and installed, both the Gnome and KDE desktops, along with Xfce too. To switch between them, there is a discreet 'Options' button at the bottom-left of the login screen; click on this and choose 'Select Session' from the menu that appears. This allows you to choose the type of session you run for this and future logins until you change it again. If you are already logged in to the KDE desktop, log out by pressing the Shutdown button and select logout, choose a new session type and log in again.

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