Installing a program - missing Perl module

Q I have tried to install Evince. After copying the application and compiling and installing the XML2 library I tried to configure Evince and got the following error message.

Checking for intltool >=
0.35.0....0.35.5 found
checking for perl ..../usr/local/bin/
checking for XML::Parser
configuration error XML:: Parser
perl module is required for intltool.

I then tried to load Perl from a DVD. Linux reported an I/O error and Windows reported CRC failure. Identical messages given when the DVD was inserted in another laptop. I tried downloading and installing the latest version of Perl but got the same error messages. Do you believe that it has any connection with the fact I have problems in reading the DVD? As other sections of the DVD are also unreadable, how do I get a replacement here in Australia?

A Your DVD has read errors, probably caused by damage in transit. Others in Australia have reported similar problems, and we are trying to resolve this. Meanwhile, we'll send you a replacement disc. The second problem is that you are missing the Perl module XML:: Parser. This is not part of the standard Perl package but an extra module, which is why reinstalling Perl didn't help. The first place to look for a Perl module, or anything else, is in your distro's software repositories. It is likely to be there, but if not you can install Perl modules from CPAN (The Comprehensive Perl Archive Network), which you can find at In most cases you can install directly from the command line without visiting the website. Providing you are connected to the internet, running this as root will install XML::Parser

perl -MCPAN -e 'install XML:: Parser'

There are other ways of installing modules from CPAN - see the FAQ at for details.

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