Vector Linux in headless mode

Q I'm setting up an old computer to act as a web server internally on my network, to use for my web design business. I'm planning to try Vector Linux 3.2, which I have on disc, for the OS and Abyss web server. I would like to run it without a monitor or keyboard, accessing it from my main computer over the network. Here's my question: once I've installed the software, how do I set it up to log in automatically on booting up so I don't need to see what's happening? And what user name should I use for logging in? Do I need a user specifically added for the purpose or can I use the same user as my other machines?

A Web servers will generally start through the scripts in /etc/init.d/ at boot time, so it's unnecessary for you to log in as anyone to run the service. When you install the package providing the web server process, it will create any required users necessary to run the service, so you won't need to do anything. Once installed, web services should start when the system is rebooted, allowing the box to be restarted without any user involvement.

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