Is there a game of Bridge for Linux?

Q Do you know if there is a game of Bridge for Linux? All I can find is versions of Bridge to play over the Internet with other players.

A After some searching we found one bridge game where you can play against the computer, but it is not open source. Does this mean that open source programmers do not play bridge, or that they prefer to play real opponents? I'm sure it would make a good topic for an apparently pointless sociological study, but that doesn't help you. The game we could find is Xcontractbridge, a commercial game supplied on CD for $29. You can find more information at along with a demo version for download. This is a pre-compiled static binary that should work on most i386+ or x86_64 systems, it certainly ran without problems on my Core2Duo machine, though my bridge skills are limited to distinguishing between red and black cards (so much for heredity, my Dad was a Bridge master).

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