Sync a Windows CE PDA with Linux

Q I would like to switch to Linux, but I fear that syncing with my PDA with Microsoft Outlook may not work. Also I have Money for PPC on my PDA and that is important to me so does GnuCash provide a similar feature?

A SynCE ( is a framework that allows Linux software to synchronise with Windows Pocket PC devices. This works, with varying degrees of user-friendliness and success, with various programs. One of the easiest to sync with is the KDE PIM suite of KMail, Kontact, KAddressBook and KOrganiser. To do this you need to install the synce-kde package, which comes with most distros, although not all of them install it by default. After installation, run the package manager and install synce-kde if it is not already marked as installed. Then you will be able to sync mail and contacts. Of course, this means you will need to be running a system based on the KDE desktop, such as Mandriva, Kubuntu, PCLinuxOS or SUSE.

You can find links to them - and many other distros - at Syncing your financial records is another matter. GnuCash is able to import standard QIF accounts files, but not export them. However, KMyMoney ( does offer QIF import and export, so you should be able to import files from your PDA and then transfer them back after making modifications. Unless you have some formal bookkeeping training or accountancy experience, you'll probably find KMyMoney easier to learn than GnuCash. KMyMoney is also a KDE program and should be available with any of the previously mentioned distros.

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