Which ISPs support Linux?

Q Have you a list of ISPs that can be accessed from Linux PCs? AOL and BT do not appear to be of any use for a PC running the Linux operating system. No doubt the answer is staring me in the face but I'd be grateful for you to point that out...

A Almost all ISPs that provide PPP-based dial-up will work with Linux, which is just about every one, except for AOL. As AOL uses a non-standard protocol for the connection, you will be unable to get AOL to work; however, BT's service should work without any problems from Linux. BT offers several dial-up options, including BTInternet and BTConnect. They all work using PPP and CHAP for authentication, and will work happily through Linux. Many ISPs are supporting Linux now as a platform, or at least acknowledge that their service will work with Linux. Some ISPs, such as Demon Internet and UKLinux.net, actively support Linux and will provide information for configuration of their service with Linux.

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