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Q I'm new to Linux, having got rid of Windows XP, and am now using PCLinuxOS 2007 on my Fujitsu Siemens Amilo xi 1546. When using Firefox, the radio buttons on web pages are ugly and not as smooth or round as in Internet Explorer. Is there a fix to make them look better? I searched the net and found something about putting two radio button images in the /Firefox/res folder, and add some code to /Firefox/res/forms.css, but the links to the code and images are gone because of the dated thread I found them on. Being a newbie to Linux, can you make it simple?

A The default Firefox widgets do have a rough appearance. The fix you mention is probably the one by Osmo Salomaa, that you can download from To install it, exit Firefox, copy firefox form-widgets.tar.gz from the DVD to your home directory then open a terminal and type

tar xf firefox-form-widgets.tar.gz
cd firefox-form-widgets.tar.gz
cat res/forms-extra.css >>/usr/lib/firefox-
cp -a res/form-widgets /usr/lib/firefox-

You will need to be root to modify system files, which is handled by the su command. The exit command switches you straight back to a normal user, as it's unwise to remain as root for any longer than is absolutely necessary. Incidentally, Ubuntu users get a graphical installer for these widgets, courtesy of one of their forum users. Find this at

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