SUSE LCD monitor problem: 'not supported'

Q I hope there is a simple answer to this simple hardware-related question. Every time that I try to load SUSE 10.2 with my new 19-inch flat-screen monitor, I get the message 'not supported' How do I get over this? The computer works fine with an old 14-inch CRT monitor.

A A hardware issue that doesn't involve proprietary driver woes? Makes a change! Right, is this a single message right in the middle of your screen with nothing else displayed? If so, it is a message from your monitor telling you that the computer is sending a signal that is out of its normal range. It usually means the computer is trying to display too high a resolution or with too high a frequency. This is caused by the installer incorrectly recognising the monitor, so its idea of what it thinks the monitor can handle is different from the monitor's.

There is a simple answer, as this affects only the installer, and that is to force the installer to use a lower resolution. Press the F3 key at the boot menu screen to select a different resolution. Work your way up the menu (lower resolutions are towards the top of the list) until you find a setting that works. As a last resort, you can install in text mode. This is less attractive and takes getting used to, but you end up with an identical installation. This problem affects only the installation, you will be able to choose suitable video settings to ensure you have a graphical desktop. It may well detect your monitor correctly at this stage.

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