desktop-integration package installation problem

Q Regarding 2.1 installation: I am very new to Linux so I've no idea how obvious the answer to my problem is, and any answer probably needs spelling out to me. Following the instructions I tried to install it into OpenSUSE 10.2. Everything went well until I entered

su -c "rpm -ivh *"

which returned the message:

'desktop-integration: not an rpm package (or package manifest): Is a directory'

This is where my scant knowledge fails me. I did try what seemed the obvious course of action and moved the desktop integration folder elsewhere, but that didn't seem to work. I did try tinkering around with some other stuff but I was really stumbling around in the dark.

A When the shell sees a * on the command line, it replaces it by all matching files - * means "match any string" In this case, it matches all the RPM files and the desktop-integration directory. The solution is to be more specific and use

su -c "rpm -ivh *.rpm"

This now matches anything that ends in .rpm, which is what you need. If you also want to install the RPM files in the desktop-integration directory, extend the command to include these:

su -c "rpm -ivh *.rpm desktop-integration/*.rpm"

Note that adding desktop-integration/* will not work, because not all of the files in that directory are RPM packages and you will end up back at your original error.

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