Installing software from magazine DVD

Q I am brand new to Linux, and have successfully installed the OpenSUSE. Awesome! So far I am very impressed by what little I've seen in the Linux program. My question, however, will reveal my ignorance: how do I get the other programs on a magazine DVD (like FLPhoto) from the DVD to my computer, and have them become usable? I have found no instruction on moving, installing, incorporating or otherwise getting the programs 'installed' and making them usable. I am sure this is because it is assumed that anyone using the DVD and Linux knows how to do this, but I have no clue.

A Installation methods vary, according to how the software is packaged. In the example you give, there are two files containing FLPhoto: flphoto-1.3-source.tar.gz and flphoto-1.3-linux-intel.rpm. RPM is the package format used by SUSE, so the latter file is the one you want. You can install it using SUSE's Yast -SUSE's 'do everything' administration program - by double-clicking on the file. You'll be asked for the root password, which is needed because installing software involves writing files to system directories, then the installer will pop up and you need only to click Install.

If there is no RPM file, you are left with the option of installing from the source code tarball (these files generally end in .tar.gz or .tar.bz2). Installing from source requires a compiler, which SUSE doesn't install by default. It is on the installation DVD though; all you need to do is fire up Yast, click on Software Management, type gcc into the Search box, select only the gcc package and click on Install. The gcc package will also install any other components needed to be able to compile software from source.

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