Best Linux distro for a USB flash drive?

Q Can you suggest a good USB key distribution? I've looked at Feather Linux, which is a desktop-type distro, but as I don't think I'll use it that regularly, it would be nice if I had some kind of rescue-type disk, preferably including functionality to mess with partitions, troubleshoot Windows/Linux disks, and maybe even reset Windows passwords because I use Windows about as much as Linux for work. Do you have any suggestions for me? I haven't found many USB-specific links online after appeared not to be searchable in this way.

A The System Rescue CD, which is located at, can be installed onto a USB memory stick and booted from there, assuming the BIOS supports such a boot method. From within the System Rescue CD, you can mount filesystems and perform basic recovery operations. If you have a sufficiently large disk, you could also install a distribution such as Knoppix or SUSE's Live CD onto the memory stick, and then you'd have a complete Linux system, handily contained on a single memory disk.

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