SUSE doesn't recognise copier coponent of HP 3210

Q Although SUSE 10.2 recognises my HP 3210 all-in-one Photosmart printer and prints OK, it does not recognise the copier bit. The only distro that does so is Ubuntu, but I prefer SUSE because it is more stable on my machine. On an unrelated note, Tomboy is great, but the SUSE 10.2 version fails because of an Alt/F12 error as usual. I closed it down but now when I try to restart it I am told it is running. I deleted it via Yast but it is still there. I loaded the latest version from the Tomboy site but it needs so many other bits that I gave up. I am keen to use it but despair of getting it to work.

A The scanning/copying side of things will be handled by SANE. One way to get it working in SUSE is to boot into Ubuntu and check which driver it is using with

scanimage --list-devices

This will show the driver before the device name. For example, my scanner uses the Genesys driver and shows:

'device 'genesys:libusb:005:003' is a Canon LiDE 60 flatbed scanner'.

Once you have established which driver you're going to use you're halfway there, but you could cheat on the other half by copying the configuration files (which are usually found in /etc/sane.d) from Ubuntu to SUSE. I don't know what you mean by the Alt/F12 error. I use Tomboy a lot and have never had Alt+F12 do anything but pop up the menu as it is supposed to. It is possible that something else is also trying to act on this key combination, but it is simple to change the Menu hotkey to anything you like in the Tomboy preferences. When a program fails to start or otherwise gives problems, the first step is to run it from a terminal instead of the menu. This won't immediately solve the problem, but it usually gives more information about what went wrong. It sounds as though Tomboy is still running in the background. You can test this by typing

ps -ax | grep -i tomboy

in a terminal. This will show up any processes with 'tomboy' in the name. The leftmost item in the output is the process ID (PID), which you can use to kill the process with

kill nnnn

where nnnn is the PID. Now you can be sure that the program has been terminated, and it should now start up as expected.

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