Putting Windows at the top of the list with Lilo

Q Firstly, a big thank you and apology to all who helped me out with my scanner woes some time back. Sorry for not replying; I took some time out to start a family. Family fine, scanner still only works if I boot into Windows first. Anyhow, I need a hand configuring my dual boot setup (XP service pack2 on one drive, Mandrake 10 on the other). I currently use a boot disk to boot Linux, but would like to dispense with that and have a boot menu where XP is at the top as a default boot (for the non-Linux users and gamers in the house) and have Linux second for me. I need this to be as painless as possible for the windows users (and for me)! Any advice would be appreciated, thanks in advance.

A The easiest way to do this is with Lilo. Grub is good too, but Lilo is a little easier to understand. You can do this the hard way by creating a lilo.conf file by hand, or since you are using Mandrake, you can use the Control Centre to do it for you. Go to the Boot>boot loader section. Select the Lilo bootloader and install it on your main hard drive (probably hda1). Mandrake will usually detect the presence of Windows. Highlight the windows entry and select modify - then set it to the default.

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