Mount a SATA disk in OpenSUSE 10.2

Q Please help me! I have a problem. My motherboard is an ASUS P4S800D with an SIS655FX chipset. I have two hard disks: the first, an IDE disk, with OpenSUSE 10.2, the second, a SATA disk with Windows. The installer of SUSE 10.2 detects only the IDE disk. How can I set up and mount the SATA disk in OpenSUSE 10.2? On the official site of SIS I find a driver, but I get a make error because it can't find scsi_request.h. Is this being caused by a problem in the kernel?

A SATA does still continue to be a problem for many people. In our experience, the easiest way to fix the problem is to switch the drives into compatibility mode using your BIOS, then complete the installation and try switching it back. Many distros struggle to get installed on normal SATA drives, but then work just fine once they're installed - particularly after you've installed all the latest patches. You should also check to make sure you're not using software RAID, because that can also cause problems. As a last resort, try adding insmod=ide-generic to the installation boot options box. Good luck!

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