Remove Zen-updater icon from appearing on login

Q This may sound a little strange, but, I want to stop the little Zen-updater icon from appearing when a user logs in. Can you tell me how I should go about this? The reason why I want to disable it is that when a domain user logs in, Zen crashes, giving a lovely exception message. I am assuming this is because the domain users do not have a 'local' user ID and cannot be looked up by the system. Also, it is not required for users to be able to perform system updates.

A The fix is very simple. There is a file called zen-updater-auto.desktop in the folder /etc/xdg/autostart. You would need to edit that file with your favourite editor (Vi, Pico or whatever) and comment out the line 'Icon=zen-icon' You might then need to restart the Zen-updater application.

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