Incorrect keyboard layout/mapping in SUSE 10.1

Q I have had a hopefully minor glitch in installing SUSE 10.1. When I key in the at sign I get ". Similarly, double quotes gives @. I definitely selected English and UK in the setup as this was shown in the confirmation before the installation panel. Hopefully there is a way to correct this mishmash without reinstalling. Can you help?

A You will have to change the keyboard mapping. To do this, you need to edit the file /etc/X11/xorg.conf. Make sure you do take a backup of that file, in case you delete or edit the wrong line. This needs to be done logged as root (su -) - just open up a terminal and navigate to the folder /etc/X11. To back up the file it's as easy as doing this:

cp xorg.conf xorg.conf-back

Edit the file using your favourite editor. Look for the line Option "XkbLayout" "whatever" change whatever for gb, save the file and restart your workstation (shutdown -r now).

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