Best Linux distribution for Moodle

Q I am looking at implementing Moodle as a course management system (ultimately with a web hosting service that already has Linux, Apache and MySQL). But is there a version of Linux that is best to start with? Moodle permits a Windows install but I think it is best to go all the way and do it right.

A Is there a version of Linux best to start with? I guess it depends on your preferences. As a Debian user, I would say try Debian, as it's very stable and easy to install. If you are a beginner I would opt for Ubuntu (which is based on Debian). The latest version is Ubuntu 6.06 LTS Server. I have experience on Debian and I can say it would take you 30 minutes maximum to install a Debian server from the moment you insert the CD and boot from it. The Debian package administration is extremely simple to use, using the command dselect.

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