Linux across two hard drives

Q I can dual boot my Linux/XP PC on my 20GB disk. I just added a separate 8GB disk drive to my machine. Now I've got two separate drives: 20GB and 8GB. I want to put Linux onto the 8GB one. I was just wondering if the process is still the same, given that I've just installed an extra drive.

A Linux can be installed on the second disk simply by partitioning it and doing an install. However, you'll want to install the boot loader for it onto the first disk because this is what the BIOS will try to boot from. You can then dual boot between Windows XP on the first disk and Linux on the second. Most distributions will enable you to install Grub or LILO onto the first disk during the installation process, as well as adding entries so you can boot Windows XP, or your old Linux install on the first disk.

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