How to configure Evolution on Ubuntu

Q I need help with post-installation configuration of Evolution mail on my Ubuntu system. My home computer runs a dual-boot system with Windows XP on one partition and Ubuntu Linux on the other. I have an Ethernet connection to a broadband hub. Mozilla works beautifully under the Ubuntu OS - indeed, I have successfully used it for upgrades, Google searches etc. So Ubuntu has excellent internet access. Evolution mail, however, needs to be configured properly. A Google search about Evolution gave a hit that revealed a document about setting up Evolution. At first that seemed to be very helpful but it required the use of the Tools menu on the menu bar of Evolution - which my version of Evolution does not have. How can I configure my Evolution without a Tools menu?

A As you have not stated which versions of Evolution and Ubuntu you are using, I am going to assume you are using the latest Evolution, version 2.6. Now, Evolution 2.0 has the Tools link in the menu bar, but Evolution 2.4 and 2.6 don't have it. The first time you start Evolution, you should see the First-Run Assistant. In your case, it seems that didn't work and Evolution has hidden the option from you now. To invoke First-Run Assistant, you should delete the folder .evolution (note the dot) in your home directory then type evolution from the command line. This will make Evolution think it is running for the first time and it will show the First-Run Assistant, which you can then use to configure the software. If you don't want to take the command line option, just create a new mail account by clicking on Edit > Preferences, then Mail Accounts > Add.

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