Create a web-based TV station in Linux

Q Is it possible to use Linux to create a web-based TV station, broadcasting over the internet, mixing live feeds from webcams or video cameras? Secondly, if it is, is it possible to do this totally with open source?

A Yes, it is possible, and all with open source software. You haven't given us much detail about your intended project, so it is difficult to give specific help, but the (LS)3 Open Media Streaming Project looks to be a suitable starting point. This includes Fenice, a multimedia streaming server, and plenty of documentation to help you. It specifically mentions streaming from live video feeds. Fenice supports Video4Linux devices, so any webcam that works with Linux should be suitable. The (LS)3 website is at and includes discussion forums where you can exchange information with the developers and other users. Another server worth investigation is Flumotion, from This is a commercial project, but the basic server is free under the GPL. You may also find a use for FreeJ, for mixing images and effects in real time. Its website is at Finally, you should look at Dynebolic, a distro aimed at multimedia production and broadcast. It can be used as a Live CD, enabling you to try it out before installation. You can get the latest version from Good luck with your project and let us know when it goes public!

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