Install Gnome and KDE on the same distro

Q I have installed Fedora, but now I'm in a quandry. I don't know which is better: Gnome or KDE. Can I have them both installed on the same computer? Also, I tried to download K3b but I could not install it. Do you know why?

A Yes, it is possible to have more than one desktop environment installed on your computer. Below the username box on the Gnome login screen, there is a menu named Session. This lets you choose which of the installed desktop environments you load. If your system is set up to boot straight into Gnome, select Log Out from the System menu and you'll see the Session menu in the login screen Of course, you have to have KDE installed for this to work, but that's as easy as selecting the KDE group from the package manager. The most likely reason why K3b failed to install is that you don't have the KDE libraries installed. You don't have to be running on KDE to use K3b, but you do need the basic KDE libraries available. Similarly, when you are running KDE, you will still be able to use Gnome programs on it, because you have the Gnome framework installed.

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