Setting up a trash can on the Linux desktop

Q I have two questions, both concerning forgotten program names. The first follows on from a major deleting 'oops!' I had recently. (Computers don't do what you want them to do, they do what you tell them to do, and I really need better protection from my own fallibility.) I once read, possibly in your own pages, about an undelete daemon. Any file delete command was intercepted - it must redefine the system unlink call or something - and converted to move the file to a trash folder.

Then instead of immediately emptying the trash, as most people do, you find you can't. It persists until the trash totals a predefined size, or free space starts to fall below another threshold. The other issue is that I'm a web developer, and need to test on a wide variety of browsers. I have heard of a GTK and KHTML browser project, which would be very useful if only I could remember its name. I don't want to install Konqueror because it depends on just about all of KDE's bloat. I don't need a full-featured browser. Just something lightweight will be fine.

A The trash can program you are thinking of may be Delsafe, from This works much as you describe, replacing library calls to move deleted and overwritten files to a trash can instead of deleting them. Multiple deletions or overwrites of the same filename are timestamped, and an undel program is provided to recover the files. Another possibility is libtrash, from, which offers similar features.

I suspect the KHTML project you are thinking of is Gtk+ WebCore ( This is at an early stage and may not be representative enough for your needs. I would suggest that to properly test pages in Konqueror, you need Konqueror itself, especially if your pages use JavaScript. This isn't so bad, because you do not need to install most of KDE to use Konqueror. All you need is the kdelibs package and Konqueror itself. Most distros now split the KDE packages, so you can install just Konqueror instead of the whole of kdebase (as used to be the case).

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