ADSL network connection with Xircom card not working in Mepis

Q I recently installed Mepis. Unfortunately, the network connection with the internet just does not work. Do you have any clue to how I can get my ADSL connection working with Linux? I have a Xircom Creditcard Ethernet 10/100 + Modem 56. In the connection settings I found that the address type was assigned by DHCP. I tried copying the other settings, including the IP address, subnet mask, standard gateway and the DNS, but it did not seem to do much good.

A The network side of this card is handled by the xirc2ps-cs module. This is included with Mepis. First, check whether the card has been detected. Open a terminal and type

su -
#give root password when prompted
lsmod | grep xirc

If you get no output, the module is not loaded, so type

modprobe xirc2ps-cs

No output from this command means everything is as it should be. Now run


to see a list of your network interfaces. There should be two: lo and your network interface, which I expect will be eth0. Now start the Mepis OS Centre from the KDE menu, go to the Network section and pick your network interface. Select Use DHCP For IP and also select DHCP under the DNS tab. Now your network should be configured automatically. If the card does not start automatically when you boot, you should type

echo "xirc2ps-cs" >>/etc/modules

This adds the name of the module to the list that the system automatically loads when it boots.

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