Settings up Pipemanic program launcher in KDE

Q I have installed the Pipepanic game into my home directory and can run it by typing ./pipepanic in a console with

cd pipepanic-0.1.3-source

However, I can't work out how to add this as an item to the K menu using the Edit K Menu section of KDE Control Centre. I don't know what command to put in the Command box. If I put /home/marrea/pipepanic-0.1.3-source/pipepanic in the box, and then go back and click on the Pipepanic entry I've added to the K menu, all that happens is that the little hourglass with Pipepanic on it goes round and round in the Kicker bar and a gear wheel icon bounces up and down for 30 seconds or so and then they both disappear. Is it because I have installed Pipepanic in my home directory?

A It is failing because you are not in the pipepanic directory when running it from KDE. The program needs to be run from its own directory in order to find files it needs. You can fix this by setting the Work path to /home/marrea/pipepanic-0.1.3-source/ in KDE's menu editor. This effectively adds a CD, as you did in theshell. You may also need to specify the full path in the command box. The safest way to make sure both of these are correct is to use the file selector icons to the right of the boxes. If you tick the Run In Terminal box, you will see any output from the program and, hopefully, get a clue as to where it goes wrong. That's how I saw it was failing to find a file. You will need to add something like ; sleep 5 to the end of the command, to keep the terminal window open for a few seconds after it exits. For example,

/home/marrea/pipepanic-0.1.3-source/pipepanic; sleep 5

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