Make KDEinit look in the right place for Thunderbird

Q If I click on an email address in KDE, I get this error: 'KDEinit can not start /usr/share/application/thunderbird/thunderbird'. Thunderbird is installed at /opt/thunderbird. I used to run SUSE, but now I run Gentoo, and when I transferred the /home directories I must have transferred something over that Kdeinit uses but I can't work out what. Could you please tell me how I change this so that Kdeinit looks in the right place.

A It looks like KDE is looking in the wrong place for Thunderbird. As with most KDE options, you change this in the KDE Control Centre. As with most KDE options, finding the right place in the KDE Control Centre can be tricky - there are so many options, and not always where you expect to find them. The Control Centre does have a search option, which usually helps - but not in this case (at least not with KDE 3.5.3) The option you want is in KDE Components > Component Chooser > Email Client. Select the Use A Different Email Client radio button, then click on the small icon to the right of the text box to open the applications selector. By choosing the program from here, you ensure that you have the correct path. This will open Thunderbird, but without the recipient address or any other data. To fix that, add the following to the string used to start Thunderbird:

-compose "mailto:%t?subject=%s&body=%B"

Hover the mouse over the text box to see the available options.

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