Best Linux distro for an IBM ThinkPad T22

Q Can you make any suggestions for a distro on a laptop, an IBM T22 with 256MB of RAM? I have tried the Live CD Damn Small Linux and it works great with my Winmodem. I would like to install it to the hard drive. Any suggestions?

A IBM laptops are well supported by most Linux distros, because IBM provides the information and driver code that they need. Most Live CD distros have a hard disk install option, including Damn Small Linux, although this is probably not the best choice for you. DSL is really intended to be used as a Live CD, and keeping a hard disk version up to date would need work. I would recommend you try a number of Live CD distros and pick the one that detects all your hardware and you like best. Alternatives include:

  • This gives you a modified Debian system when installed.
  • Both are based on Debian: the former uses the Gnome desktop while the latter has KDE.
  • A Live CD that installs to hard disk and provides easy updates.
  • Another Debian-based Live CD with one of the easiest installations I've seen.

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