won't recognise Canon MP 760 printer

Q I am using SUSE 10.0, which incorporates 2.0 build I cannot get it to recognise my Canon MP 760 printer as the default printer no matter how I try. If I set it up and test print, it is then recognised in However, when I next restart my computer defaults to generic printer'.

A If you are running the CUPS printing system (which is the default on SUSE), the generic printer should work. This is because is just passing the data to lpr, which uses the system default printer (which you have already configured in Yast). If you want to change how presents this, you need to run spadmin, as root. Select System > Terminal > Terminal program - Super User Mode from the SUSE menu, then type:


You may now rename your printer, or add a new one. If the 'generic printer' works, just rename it to something more meaningful. You can't delete the default printer, so add a new one and make it the default before you try to remove the generic option. Note that if you are running CUPS, spadmin will not allow you to add a new printer, because it expects CUPS to provide the information it needs. Press the New Printer button then Cancel in the Add Printer window to make OOo scan for printers and add them to its list.

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