SUSE screen resolution problems with Belkin KVM switch

Q I have two computers with a Belkin KVM switch connecting them to a KDS Visual Sensation 190 monitor. Both machines are running SUSE 9.3 with no problems whatsoever. However, I have tried to install SUSE 10.0, and I keep running into the same problem. Once I have finished installing it, my monitor doesn't report its size and resolution to the OS. This isn't a problem on SUSE 9.3, because I just enter the size and resolution information from the manual and everything works fine. However, when I try this with SUSE 10.0, the system prompts me to test my settings (via Sax2), but doing so just seems to disable my monitor (the LED even alternates between green and yellow as it would during powersave mode) and I can't wake it up. Since it happens on both machines, I think that it is either the KVM switch or the monitor.

A The most likely culprit is the KVM switch, which is easy enough to test. Remove it and connect the monitor directly to one of the computers. As the problem seems to be the KVM preventing the software from interrogating the monitor, running it like this once should sort it out. Then connect the monitor directly to the other computer and repeat the process. Once X has been configured with your monitor settings, SUSE won't ask about it again, and you can reconnect the KVM. Incidentally, the same thing happens to me when installing SUSE on a VMware virtual machine, because it cannot identify the monitor. Choose a suitable monitor from the list in Yast > Hardware > Graphics Card and Monitor sorts it out.

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