SUSE Linux not recognising USB drives

Q I have just installed SUSE Linux 10.0 on to my Toshiba L10 laptop. It went on a treat but it wouldn't recognise my LG USB drive, which is a removable 1GB, so I re-installed SUSE with the stick plugged in and it worked fine. When I took it out again, it disappeared. After SUSE was installed, My Computer showed my hard drive (hda2) and LG 1GB. After I'd restarted it, it showed CD-Recorder, hard disk hda2 and another hard disk, sda1.

A As this is a laptop, it is reasonable to assume that it only has one hard disk, so the second hard disk you can see (sda) will be your USB stick. IDE hard drives are denoted hda, hdb and so on. Memory sticks, and other USB mass storage devices, are treated as SCSI hard disks and are denoted sda, sdb etc. The number refers to the partition number, so sda1 is the first partition on the first SCSI disk - in this case, the only partition on the memory stick. Look at the contents of this and I'm sure you will find it is your memory stick.

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