Fedora repositories: what does Livna do?

Q I am about to give Fedora a try as it looks extremely interesting. However, I am at a loss as to what repositories exist for it. I know about the Fedora Extras repository and the Livna one, but I've read multiple sources on the web saying that others are available. Some people have said that you should avoid mixing these other repositories with Livna and Extras. Could you tell me which repositories are the most commonly used and contain the most packages available for FC 4, the 386 version?

A You have already mentioned the Livna repository at http://rpm.livna.org. Another one worth using is FreshRPMs at http://freshrpms.net. While most repositories contain compatible packages, it is true that there are some clashes between them, caused by different methods of packaging the same software. The safest approach is to install a tested Yum configuration that contains only repositories known to work together. You can get one such from the Unofficial Fedora FAQ at www.fedorafaq.org/#yumconf. Follow the instructions on this page and Yum will be configured with several compatible repositories, including Dag, Dries and redhat-kde in addition to the repositories you've already mentioned. This should give you the widest possible choice of software while avoiding any clashes.

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