How to reset VNC password

Q I set up a remote desktop (through Xandros Control Centre) on a now headless box, and now I can't remember the password. Some Googling showed up nothing useful (the VNC website says to use Vncpasswd - however, it doesn't exist on the box). I cannot attach a monitor to the box, so have no way of launching Xandros Control Centre to reset. I think Xandros just uses standard KDE remote sharing; how do I reset the password from the command line?

A Provided the headless box is running an SSH server, there are a couple of ways to reset the password. If it is using the standard KDE desktop sharing, you could edit ~/.kde/share/config/krfbrc and remove any password lines. This will reset it to password-less operation. Then you can connect and set the password through the KDE Control Centre. Alternatively, you could connect to the box using ssh with the -X option, then run kcontrol. Provided SSH on the headless box is configured to allow X -forwarding, the KDE Control Centre will open on your desktop and you can change the password as if you were working directly on the computer. If you run KDE on the computer you use to connect to the box, I'd recommend you allow it to store the password in the KDE Wallet Manager (Kwalletmanager) the next time you connect. Then you won't have to worry about forgetting it again... unless you go and forget the wallet password.

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