How to install QuickTime plugins for Firefox on SUSE

Q I installed SUSE 10.0 OSS: it was easy to install and you get free office stuff, but I cannot find an Apple QuickTime plugin for Firefox. I did try the Quicktime4Linux plugin, but it didn't work (it did until they released QuickTime 7.0). The Apple site assumes you either have Mac OS or Windows. Anyhow, I find it really hard to believe Apple does not port a plugin across, since OS X basically runs on a Linux kernel. Unless you know of an alternative site to the QuickTime trailer site, I find myself in a little bit of a pickle.

A The MPlayer plugin for Mozilla works with Firefox too ( This lets you view any file that MPlayer can handle in the browser, including many (though not all) QuickTime files. Many of the later movies use the Sorensen codec, which is a proprietary codec that will not be supported by any open source project - unless it can be reverse engineered. Alternatively, try CrossOver Office. This development of Wine enables you to use Windows plugins in Linux browsers, as well as run various Windows programs directly on the Linux desktop. CrossOver Office is available from and the standard version costs $39.95. Incidentally, Mac OS X is not based on Linux but a BSD variant.

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