How to install Wireshark (formerly Ethereal)?

Q I have just installed SUSE Linux on a redundant PC, as I really would like an understanding of Linux. The install was easy to follow. However, I am a network engineer and would now like to install Wireshark [a network protocol analyser]. Because I am new to Linux and have very little experience, could you advise me on what to download and how to build and install it on my Linux PC?

A While it is fairly easy to build Wireshark, or most other programs, from source, one of the benefits of a distro like SUSE is that the bulk of what you are likely to need is available to install from the discs or a central repository. To install Wireshark the easy way, run Yast from the System section of the SUSE menu, go in to the Software section and click on Software Management. Now you only need to type 'wireshark' in the search box, select the program from the results list and press Accept to install it. If there are any dependencies - other programs or libraries needed by the software - these will be installed automatically, so don't worry there. By default, Yast only knows about packages on the installation media. You can add extra installation sources (or repositories) by selecting Installation Sources from Yast's Software section. There is a list of SUSE mirrors at Pick one of these and add it to Yast to make sure you have access to the latest updates.

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