D-Linux network card dropping connection in Mandriva

Q I am having problems with my wireless connection using Mandriva Linux 2006. I am using a D-Link Airplus G+ laptop card (with NdisWrapper) to connect to my D-Link G604T wireless router on bootup. Everything starts OK and if I check /etc/resolv.conf the name server is set to All is well for about 20 to 30 minutes and then I find I am unable to connect to any web pages. The network is still shown as up but when I check /etc/resolv.conf again it now reads nameserver' and I have to set up my wireless connection using Mandriva Control Center all over again. This happens regardless of whether I have WEP encryption set. I had a similar problem using Mandriva Linux 2005 and overcame this by setting the permissions to resolv.conf as read-only, but this doesn't seem to work with 2006.

A Mandriva is using DHCP to get web address and routing information from the router. It would appear that your router is running as a DHCP server but not a DNS server/cache. This router, like most, provides both services, so it is likely that DNS is either disabled or misconfigured. In fact, the router is telling your computer to use it as the DNS server, which should work. Your router's manual covers this in detail, but the most common solution is to go into the DNS section of the router's web configuration and set it to Auto Discovery. If this fails, you can set the servers manually on the same page. Alternatively, you can prevent Mandriva from updating the DNS servers via DHCP. Go into Mandriva Control Center & Network & Internet > Reconfigure A Network Interface, select your interface, go to the DHCP tab and turn off the option to Get DNS Servers From DHCP. Setting /etc/resolv.conf to read-only will not help if the DHCP client is running as root, since root is still able to modify write-protected files.

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