Red Hat not detecting SATA hard disk

Q I (a newbie) want to dual boot with XP and Red Hat 9.0 but have encountered a problem: RH9 cannot detect my SATA hard disk. Where can I find a device driver to load it, and how do I do that if the Red Hat disc is in the CD drive and I have no floppy drive? My system is an MSI Neo2 Platinum motherboard with s939/AMD6 3000+ chip, Nvidia 6800GT-AGP graphics card and 2GB of RAM. On another IDE [Integrated Drive Electronics] system, I can load Quake 3 on to RH9, but when installing (running the sh file) on Fedora, it gave me some kind of 'trap error' statement. A friend told me it's got something to do with the Glibc-something - can you help?

A Red Hat 9.0 is several years old, older than your motherboard. This is why it fails to recognise your SATA controller. Are you sure this is the right distro for you? You are clearly not running a server, not with that graphics card, and there are much better and more modern alternatives for desktop use. I would suggest you try a more modern distro, one with support for your hardware and one that comes in a 64-bit version to make the most of your processor. Something like SUSE 10.0, Mandriva Linux 2006 or Ubuntu 5.10 would be far more suitable. You can find a comprehensive listing of distros at It is impossible to answer your second question without knowing the details of the error given by the 'trap' message. If you send us the exact error message, we should be able to help. This applies to all help requests - the more information you give us, the better the chance of our being able to help you.

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