Set up remote desktops for KDE using Krdc/Krfb

Q I have just built a new PC running SUSE 9.3 for my mum. As she lives 80-odd miles away, can I use Krdc/Krfb to help her if she has a problem? We both have 2MB ADSL via Ethernet routers and static IP addresses. Could you point me to a HOWTO? I have Googled for VNC [Virtual Network Computing programs] but they all seem to be for LAN setup with Windows.

A It is possible to use KDE's Remote Desktop connection over the internet, but your routers will block this by default. If possible, set up and test the Krdc/Krfb connection with a direct Ethernet link between your computers (that is, if you have a laptop, take it to your mum's house). Make sure you set up a secure password for connection. It is possible to set up a connection with no password, which may be acceptable for use inside a firewalled LAN. This would be a bad idea - a really bad idea - when exposing your computer to the internet.

VNC uses network ports starting at 5900 for display 0, 5901 for display 1 and so on. You will only need display 0, so open up port 5900 on your mum's router and direct it to the LAN IP address of her computer. In the firewall of the router or the computer (or both), block access to port 5900 from any public IP address but your own. This will stop script kiddies trying to crack your password. Now you should be able to connect with Krfb using an address of the form a.b.c.d:0, replacing a.b.c.d with your mum's public IP address. You can usually read this from her router. Alternatively, visit http://

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