Oracle install problems

Q I recently installed Oracle on my fresh Linux OS. The database was successful, although there were problems with my DBCA. In the process of fixing the above problem, someone suggested that I put this line at the top of my .java_wrapper in the jre directory of JRE:LD_PRELOAD=/etc/". That was when all hell broke loose! My system came back with this message: "/etc/ cannot open shared object No such file or directory". I decided to take the line out or try to find and put it in the right directory, but my system wouldn't allow me to do this. I then decided to logout and reboot. Big mistake! During the reboot, the system froze with this message: init: error while loading shared libraries. /etc/ cannot open shared object No such file or directory. Kernel panic: attempted to kill init". It wouldn't go any further after this. Could anyone help? How do I load Linux or do safe-mode loading so I can take this offending LD_PRELOAD=/etc/ out of the .java_wrapper?

A Booting the system from a rescue disk will allow the root filesystem to be mounted and /etc/ preload to be removed to avoid the system attempting to load /etc/ /etc/ is a strange place for a library, so verifying the documentation from Oracle to ensure that the path is correct would be a great first step to solving the problem. It will most likely be in /lib or /opt rather than /etc, although running a find' across the disk would find the exact library path quickly.

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